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Jil Plummer, Author


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Amber Dust

“Memory freezes the dead in immortal perfection while the living remain to be faulted.”

Love comes in many guises and for twenty year old Andrea it was the snaring of a dream. After marriage that snare became an obsession which destroyed reality until the players became blind to the truth.

Now, a respected pillar of her upscale California community, mother of a college age son she's had little time for, and newly widowed wife of wealthy, successful Robert Greyson, Andrea boards a plane to England. In her suitcase is the box containing her late husband's ashes. She goes to fulfill his last wish; to spread them on his long ago fiancee's grave.

When Andrea arrives at the cottage in the remote Yorkshire village where she is to stay she finds it occupied by squatters who take her captive. Through watching their lives from her upstairs window, and night-time escapes onto the surrounding moor, she finds a whole new world. Here she rediscovers the girl she once was and learns the truth about her captors and her marriage.

Amber Dust is available in both paperback and ebook from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Amber Dust

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Jil Plummer...Master Storyteller!

I was hooked from the haunting first line —“Memory freezes the dead in immortal perfection while the living remain to be faulted.”

In this riveting story, which takes us to the Yorkshire moors, the reader is transported to a place rich with intriguing characters and layered with suspense.

This multi-layered, ethereal tale, also carries the reader into another world emotionally with characters who are not what they seem to be at first glance.

Kudos to Jil Plummer for another great experience from beginning to end!

Her short story Issibit tugs at the heartstrings and can be found on her website.


The Story Took me to Yorkshire England

to Meet the Most Complex Characters

I read The Orphan Master's Son before reading Amber Dust and The Goldfinch after reading Amber Dust. The characters, intrigues, and passions in Amber Dust were equal to those I found in the two Pulitzer Prize winners. Don't miss the prologue.

    —Dianne N.

An Accomplished Author

I devoured every golden word.  Never have I enjoyed a book more.

    —Cheryl V.

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