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Our news these days is full of wars in which genocide is being inflicted with inhuman savagery on innocent people. With each new headline the name of the previous atrocity fades into the shadows and its victims are forgotten in favor of the new ones. But every horror must be remembered and taught to following generations so that each country’s people remain aware and don’t let the evil ever happen again.

Remember to Remember is set in Cambodia and is the fictionalized true story of Chanbopha, a courageous child who, despite her youth, survives the death march from Phnom Penh and through the Khmer Rouge killing fields. Using her own ingenuity she finds food for her family in the working prison farm in which many starve and few emerge whole. Through all the ugliness, Chanbopha sees glimpses of beauty, and this allows nothing to deter her from fighting for her dream of taking her mother and siblings to a life of freedom.

Remember to Remember is available in both paperback and ebook from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Remember to Remember

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Such an amazing book! It's so inspirational and the story kept me on my toes the whole time! I could not put down the book it was so good! This book is definitely a MUST READ!!



What a wonderful story. This is another example of the inevitable evil of Communism. A truly heroic struggle from the horrors of Cambodian Genocide to an immensely successful life in California sunshine. A young girl from the age of 5 never lost sight of her goal of a better life.

Regarding people I don't like to look down, can look straight across but love to look up. The lovely chanbopha has given us a lot to look up to. The best Americans often come from other lands and here is a shining example. New readers should come away with the vision that success is always possible. You will feel better about life after reading this true story.

And thanks to Jill Plummer for a well written account of Chanbopha's life.

   —Mickey R.

Should be Best-Seller!

So inspiring, made me cry!


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